Priyanka Mohan

I did PPSW during my first semester where I never had any idea about scientific writing, thesis or even presentation. Even though this course offers us an assignment every single week which we will need to put a decent amount of work into, I would say it really was worth the time.

This course gave me an introduction to the world of scientific writing and presentations. Still, I am referring to the slides to give me ideas and to know the pattern of work. There was an assignment where we do mind mapping and I would say it is one of the best exercises that helps us to narrow down our ideas or to know which direction to follow when we are stuck in a generic view of a project/thesis topic.

Also, this course helps us to know the meaning of each paragraph in a paper and how is it important. Also, PPSW presentations slides are very important which will guide us with each problem we will encounter throughout our approach to scientific reading, writing or presentation.

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