Principle and Practices of Scientific Work is a 3CP course offered under SI@FIN. The objective of this course is to teach students the soft skills required to conduct a research work in master thesis. The course usually has three parts: lectures where students are taught various concepts related to soft skills and scientific work, exercises where we have devised activities to practice and understand some of the concepts learned in the lecture and assignment feedback where students are given feedback on their assignments.

In the course, we target primarily the following skills:
- goals and time management
- presentation and communication
- basic principles of scientific writing
- structured problem solving
- analytical thinking and critical thinking
- multi-perspective thinking
- attention to details
- team-work
- logical thinking and reasoning
- reading scientific papers

Besides the soft skills, we also introduce students to various tool and techniques that are typically used in the research work. The following tools and techniques are taught and used in the course:
- Mind-map for brainstorming
- Latex for scientific writing and presentation
- Mendeley for scientific literature
- Git
- Bibtex for representing metadata of a scientific paper


You can find the course on the course page by clicking here.

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