How to Get Exmatriculated


Bad reasons


  1. Plagiarize in your homeworks, papers and thesis

  2. Cheat in exams

  3. Don’t show up for exams without excuse, after the third time, you are out

  4. Threaten and attack students and members of the facultysleepy_head_exm_article

  5. Run out of health insurance

  6. Lose your visa status / Aufenthaltsberechtigung

  7. Forget to re-register for your exam within 15 months and failing again (twice)

  8. Run out of money after 10 semesters and not being able to pay long term semester tuition

  9. Spend too much time on your (waiter) job and lose track of your studies


Good reasons:


  1. Change your study course to Theoretical Physics and get immatriculated there


  2. Change university to go to Paris to study Drama

  3. Officially quit your studies, to become a professional gamer and part time standup comedian

  4. Quit your studies because you found a job in Cambridge

  5. Submit and successfully defend your thesis :)

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