LSF Tutorial Videos

LSF is the student portal. The video below serves as a guide for new incoming students, to help understand the LSF portal slightly better. For more information about LSF, click here. For clarification, do always contact a mentor!

Introduction to LSF and course registration

Alternative (mirror) link to YouTube: Introduction to LSF and course registration


Please note the following

- Application processes are specific to courses; always check the course website for application details. There might be cases where just applying over LSF isn't enough. You might need to sign up for the course over the elearning platform or email the faculty.
- In case of an information mismatch between LSF and the Module Handbook, the information given on the module handbook would be legally binding.

Information: You can also find course information in the videos made by SI@FIN. 


LSF Tutorial: Exam Registration on LSF.

Alternative (mirror) link to YouTube: Exam registration via LSF


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