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The internet makes it possible to transmit information quickly and accurately, handle business process quickly and efficiently and communicate from anywhere and at any time. This is why web-based products and services have been one of the biggest growth industries in the world for some years, and the internet has heralded massive changes for both consumers and businesses alike. Famous entrepreneurs such as  Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) or Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google) prove that committed, young computer scientists can found internet companies and make them successful. In recent years, many companies have sprung up offering new products and services via the internet, such as social networking website Twitter or online marketplace Amazon. At the same time, internet technologies like Cloud Computing and Software as a Service form the basis for completely new business models. 

The study profile

The specific Web Founder track allows students to learn how to develop online business ideas and turn them into successful businesses. The study profile is characterised by three core areas: Business Management and  Company Startup, Business Informatics and E-Business and Idea Development and Innovation. The relevant Profile Modules are distributed across the second half of the degree and add up to a total of 32 credit points. The students are registered on the Bachelor of Informatics course and therefore take full part in training as computer science graduates. There is a FAQs page  if you have any further questions.

The business startup semester

The last semester of the course is dedicated exclusively to preparing for a business startup. Students work together in teams to develop their own business idea, build a prototype and develop a Business Plan. Teams wishing to set up their own company can use business premises in the faculty free of charge during the startup phase and they are supported in applying for startup funds by the EXIST funding programme. At the same time, the faculty works with a venture capital company and ego - the business startup initiative for the state of Saxony-Anhalt in order to support graduates hoping to start their own businesses. 

Target group and career prospects

Web Founder is aimed at informatics students who are interested in modern software services and innovation. Graduates from this specific track course are able to develop business ideas to market readiness. After graduating, they set up their own software company or work in the innovation department of an established company. Students can also benefit from this specific track because they acquire sought-after key skills such as teamwork, innovation and commitment.

Profile Modules & Regular Timetable

An overview of profile modules available can be accessed here:
overview of "Web Founder" profile modules. (only in german language) There is also a Regular Timetable to give a better overview.


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