Possibilities for going abroad

Interested in spending a semester abroad for study, internship or thesis?

Start at least one year before your planned stay with the preparations. There are numerous things to prepare and deadlines to keep!

The most recent information (November 2020) on programs for FIN-students to go abroad can be found here: FIN-Woanders-studieren (in German)

Spending a Study-Semester Abroad

On the page Study Abroad you can find existing cooperations of the Faculty of Computer Science for studying abroad.

NOTE: For some cooperations a selection process may be in place, where applicants will be admitted based on personal interviews and we expect a grade of at least 2.4 for modules taken at OVGU.

What possibilities are there for studying abroad?

The Faculty of Computer Science has a double degree program ("Doppel-Abschluss") with the German Engineering and Economics Faculty ("Fakultät für deutsche Ingenieur- und Betriebswirtschaftsausbildung (FDIBA)") at TU-Sofia. You can spend a semester there studying in German, an internship at several German companies located in Sofia, or even get a second Bachelors degree! You can get ERASMUS funds for the study semester at TU Sofia or internship in Bulgaria if you register for it at least six months before your mobility. More information

Through ERASMUS you can spend a semester at numerous other institutions all over Europe. The ERASMUS cooperations avaliable for FIN-students specifically can also be found on the page Study Abroad.

Through Worldwide you can spend a semester at different institutions outside of Europe.

As a Freemover you can even spend you semester at a University, which has no official relationship with OvGU.

Can I get CP for my studies abroad?

In order to get credit points for the courses you are planning to take, fill out a learning aggreement and get it signed from your study supervisor ("Studiengangleiter") before you go abroad. A change to the learning aggreement  is always possible.  You can find the learning aggreement form for ERASMUS on the homepage of the OvGU International Office. If you are not going through the ERASMUS program, you can use the form as a guideline.

When you return from your stay abroad, you need to file a letter to the examination office, request specifically for the courses you took to be counted for your studies here. The learning aggreement is usually the basis for the decision to account for the courses here.

How can I finance my study abroad?

Even outside of the official programs, there are a multitude of possibilities to finance your semester abroad. Scholarships., Auslands-BAFöG, ...
You can find information on all of the programs and funding possibilities on the homepage of the OvGU International Office
The following websites contain an overview of scholarships, also including scholarships for studies and internships abroad:

Internship or Thesis Abroad

On the page Internship / Thesis Abroad you can find a selection of existing partnerships with international institutions and companies.

Through LEONARDO you can find internships all over Europe. Specific offers for students of IT-subjects can be found on the following web-page: Praktikumsplätze.

More helpful links of LEONARDO program:

Through IAESTE you can find internships in the field of engineering all over the world.

There are many more opportunities for internships abroad. You can find information on all of the programs on the homepage of the OvGU International Office.

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