About the Examination Office

The examination office has to ensure that the decisions of the examination board and the examination regulations are properly enforced. It is, so to speak, the extended arm and executive body of the examination board: the examination board steers the ship; the examinations office operates the machine and will also inform the examination board if the transmission gets stuck. In other words: We are responsible for the practical execution of the various tasks of the examination board and always have "ear, eye and brain" at the base.

Our Tasks

Our tasks include

  • checking the admission requirements for examinations; the setting of examination dates / coordination with examiners and students;
  • the registry of achievements (examination grades, certificates);
  • issuing confirmations of (almost) all kinds and performance certificates;
  • the advice of students in almost all study matters. Where we can not help directly, we point further;
  • also the cup of peppermint tea for excessive test anxiety or other mental suffering.

These are not our tasks

  • the giving of exams, for we have more competent people for this purpose;
  • giving exams in lieu of the students, because the named persons are responsible for this.

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