NOTE: This is a growing collection, not every question is answered here. The answers here are not legally binding but can only provide a guideline on frequent questions in the application process.



Question: Do I need to English AND German language skills for the study course?

Answer:NO, either English or German is sufficient. You can study the degree only in English or only in German.



Question: I completed my previous degree / Highschool ediucation completely in english, I even have a certificate stating that. Is that sufficient proof of englisch?

Answer: For most countries the answer is "NO"!

"Holders of a school education certificate after at least 4 ascending school years from the Antigua & Barbuda, Australia, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize. Grenada, United Kingdom   (incl. overseas territories), Guyana, Ireland, Jamaica, Canada, New Zealand, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Vincent, Grenadines, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago as USA (incl. external territories) are except. Master applicants who had their complete Bachelor studies in one of these countries are exempt from these requirements."

Applicants from other countries must provide official language proof, even if English is an official language in their country.  "

Please refer to this OVGU page for an exhaustive answer: http://www.ovgu.de/unimagdeburg/en/Study/Full_Time+Studies/Prerequisities.html



Question: I don't have a GRE result (thesis, practical experience,...), which is mentioned on the form "Deliverables for Eligibility Assessment". Can I still apply?

Answer: Yes of course. All of the items mentioned on the form "Deliverables for Eligibility Assessment" are optional. Everything you have and submit, counts towards your points, which determine the eligibility.



Question: I already had an acceptance for WInter Term 2019/20, but was not able to come due to visa issues (ot others). Can that acceptance be deferred to Summer Term 2020?

Yes, this is possible in some cases. When you missed the enrollment period for a particular semester, you should send an e-mail after that enrollment period to hiwi-adoff@ovgu.de. This e-mail must include your intended study course and application number.



Question: I got admission for the next semester (e.g. summer term  2023) but will not get my VISA or APS certificate in time to arrive for the semester start or enrolment period. What should I do now?

Yes, you can still start your studies. You should use the online enrolment procedure, where you send in all necessary information to the registration office via email. SOme courses also offer online participation, hybrid formats, or video recordings from previous semesters that enbable you to attend a course without being physically present. Please contact te teachers of the courses that you are planning to attend, whether that option is available for the particular course.
You can find the courses and contact information via LSF: https://lsf.ovgu.de/

For exams you need to be present here in Germany, but these are not conducted before the end of the lecture period (e,g, July 23) and can also be posponed by a semester in most cases. This way you can plan your arrival somewhere in the lecture period of the summer term and not loose to much time in your studies.

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