Eurographics Symposium Visual Computing in Biology and Medicine

From 19 to 20 September, the 14th Eurographics Symposium "Visual Computing in Biology and Medicine" will take place on the STIMULATE research campus. Innovative solutions will be presented that enable doctors and biologists to make diagnostic and therapeutic decisions on the basis of image data. Radiological and microscopic image data will be used and a wide range of analysis and visualisation techniques, including virtual reality, will be employed. The exact programme of lectures will not be finalised until the review of the submitted papers has been completed. Invited lectures by internationally renowned experts and laboratory tours on the research campus will round off the programme. Prof. Kozlikova, Masaryk University Brno, will talk about the visual representation of time-varying biological data and Dr Hüttel will give a lecture on "From Simulation to AI: Technological Revolution in Surgical Education". The conference will be chaired by Christian Hansen, Sylvia Saalfeld and Bernhard Preim. The paper chair is Monique Meuschke together with colleagues from the Netherlands and the UK.

In the run-up to the EG symposium, the annual workshop of the GI specialist group "Visual Computing in Biology and Medicine" will take place at the ISG on 18 September. 10 contributions have been registered for this event. Participants from FIN are welcome to attend both events.
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Contact person : Prof. Dr. Bernhard Preim

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