Accreditation Database

This page contains information for Magdeburg students going abroad. It shows recent decisions made on what courses taken abroad can be counted in which way towards your degree here. The collection is constantly being updated and added to.

The collection can be used as:

  • guideline for FIN student when assembling their learning agreement
  • reference for study supervisors when processing learning agreements

The information on accreditation decisions is available in two formats

  • PDF for easier printing and compatability
  • XLS for better sorting and filtering

All of the accreditation decisions documented here have been made by the study supervisors responsible for the study programs. They were made only for a specific module taken at a specific institution and accredited for a specific part of a specific study program here. These decisions are valid for five years after having been made first, unless the module changes drastically of our study programs undergo major changes.

We are planning to enhance the collection by supplementing the module descriptions of the courses taken, if you can supply any, please contact us.

If you are missing the information from your learning agreement, please send it to us, we are always aiming at enlarging the collection.

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