Examination Dates
The current examination dates and registration periods are frequently updated in the News section and are published in the showcase in front of the examination office as well as in HISLSF.

Registration and cancellation of exams
Registrations and cancellations are made and administered via the student portal HISLSF of the university. Hence, students of the faculty of Computer Science can bindingly register for the exam online.

Examination Results
The examination results are also accessible via HISLSF.

Oral Exam
For oral exams, please register via the registration form for oral examinations (pdf). In individual cases, lists are laid out for registration in the examination office or also in the institutes.

The examination office takes care of the proper implementation of the decisions of the examination board and the examination regulations. I.e., it is the executive body of the examination board and responsible for the practical implementation of the various tasks of the examination board.

The tasks of the examination office are explained in more detail here.

The examination board is responsible for all processes related to the proper implementation of the course of study, e.g. the organization of examinations, the compliance with examination and study regulations, and the decision about questions of interpretation with the application of the examination regulations.

The examination board is appointed by the Faculty and is composed of four professors, two research assistants and one student of the Faculty.

The members of the group of professors and of the group of research assistants are elected for a term of two years, the student member is elected for a term of one year. The examination board is supported by the examination office.

Here you will find all members of the current examination board.

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