Master Thesis Portal

Objectives of the Master Thesis Portal:

  1. To reduce the time students spend in finding master thesis topics.

  2. To give more visibility to ongoing research works and possible master thesis topics in various research groups at FIN and beyond.



  1. Identification of objectives and problem statement.
  2. Validation of objectives and problem statement from students via survey.
  3. Validation of survey outcome with interested faculty members through brainstorming sessions.

In the To-Do list: 

  1. Aggregation of concerns and expectations from portal put forward by faculty during the brainstorming sessions.

  2. Filtering of (1) and selection based on team's preference/capabilities towards implementation of portal.

  3. Validation of filtered results and get a perspective for implementation direction with Ms. Thosar.

  4. Preparation on meeting with faculty international committee for getting their perspective/thoughts about the portal.


Supervisors (students):

  • Oyelami Temitope
  • Carl Stermann-Lücke
  • Oyelami Oyewale

Team Members: 

  • Kenneth Okafor
  • Mariam Riaz
  • Zohaib Shahid

Previous Team Members:

  • Venkatesh Murugadas

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