Communications Team


  • Establishing and maintaining direct communication channels with students, for seamless communication with international students of FIN. 
  • Communicate about the events and projects under Support Internationals at FIN, OvGU. 
  • Generate and analyze feedback given by the students. 
  • Assist the mentoring program with their event communications. 

Important Documents:

Events & Projects covered:

  • International Communications at FIN, OvGU and the Academic Club since July 2018. 
  • All communications under FaRaFIN International Mentors since March 2019.  

Team members: 

  • Aman Kalra
  • Anirban Saha
  • Indranil Maji
  • Mariam Riaz
  • Venkatesh Murugadas
  • Zohaib Shahid



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