Examination Plans

Examination plan FIN

  • Registration period: 25.12.2020 to 25.01.2020 (cut-off period *)
  • Please don't forget to bring a mouth and nose cover !
  • Examination Plan

Examination plan Psychology

  • Registration period  for 2nd examination section :  17.08.2020 to 31.08.2020   (cut-off period *)
    • Exception: For the course "200069/130280 Biological Psychology" the enrolment already took place, because only one exam was offered in the summer semester 2020. Late registration is not possible, according to the note FNW-PA!
  • Examination Plan

Examination plan FWW

  • Enrollment period: 09.11.2020 to 22.11.2020  (exclusion deadline*)
  • Examination Plan

Examination schedule FEIT

  • No examination schedule available yet



Students with examination regulations until 2014:
Compulsory repeaters * are registered by the Examination Office via Hisqis. Please check if you were signed up!
(Compulsory repeater = students who have not passed an exam and have to repeat it at the earliest possible time)

Students starting at WS 2015/16 (Examination Regulations 2015):
If you have not passed an exam in the winter / summer semester, you must register yourself within the enrollment period, as the repetition must take place within 15 months.

Please remember that you have to register in time for the written exams, as a later registration is not possible.

* Exclusion period = After this date, registration is no longer possible!


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