Data and Knowledge Engineering

The Master DKE delivers in-depth knowledge and competences in Data Science, one of the most promising career areas for ambitious computer scientists. Its subject area is "Engineering" for Data and for Knowledge, aiming to turn passive data into exploitable knowledge:

It focusses on the representation, management and understanding of data and knowledge assets. It encompasses technologies for the design and development of advanced databases, knowledge bases and expert systems, methods for the extraction of models and patterns from conventional data, texts and multimedia, modelling instruments for the representation and updating of extracted knowledge. The Master DKE can be studied on German or English and is thus open to students mastering either of the two languages.

DKE spans application areas ranging from business intelligence and market watches to life sciences, biotechnology and security. It builds upon advances in networked services, people and agent communication, in decision support, information systems and management. The management and analysis of data, the maintenance and understanding of knowledge assets are of major importance in business venues, in governmental authorities and in non-profit organisations. In the Master DKE, we prepare our students for a career as:

  • Knowledge engineers in large institutions like banks, medical centres, joint ventures and holdings but also in small and medium size enterprises - Project managers for interdisciplinary projects that demand data-intensive solutions
  • IT-consultants, specialized in the design and development of knowledge-intensive scenaria; application areas include e-business, biotechnology and customer relationship management
  • Researchers on information systems, intelligent systems and their many application areas
  • The Master DKE also provides the foundations for further studies towards a PhD degree.

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At a glance

Degree Master of Science (M.Sc.)
Standard period of study 4 Semester
Start of studying winter term or summer term
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