Q: I want to apply to Master DKE. What should I do?
A: The forms and application instructions can be downloaded from http://www.uni-magdeburg.de/Students-lang-en-page-9512.html
The recipient of the applications is the University's Admissions
Universitaet Magdeburg
Dezernat Studienangelegenheiten
PF 4120 (for courier delivery: Universitaetsplatz 2)
D-39016 Magdeburg (for courier delivery: 39106 Magdeburg)

Q: Can I submit my application electronically?
A: No. For the time being, no electronic submissions are accepted.

Q: Can I submit my application to the M.DKE student supervisor instead
of the Admissions Office?
A: No. All applications must be submitted to the Admissions Office, which
is collecting and processsing them centrally.

Q: Is TOEFL the only acceptable degree for the English language?
A: No, alternatives are allowed, among them IELTS.
Please consult the Admissions Office
for the full list of acceptable alternatives and the minimum
degree you need for each one. When you call the Admissions Office,
please mention that you want to apply for the Master DKE, since
different rules apply for the different Master programmes of our

Q: The courses in my University are on English. Do I still need to make
the examination for TOEFL (or IELTS or other acceptable alternative)?
A: Yes.
For example, if you are attending a University in India, you must still
make the examination.

Q: I am not a native English speaker but I did my Bachelor in a University
of UK/USA/Australia/Canada? Do I still need to make the English examination?
A: Yes.
However, you should contact the Admissions Office (with a CC to the M.DKE
student supervisor) and ask whether the English degree you made to be
admitted at your University can be considered instead.
Please do so well ahead of the deadline, so that you have time for the
examination, if necessary.

Q: Do I need to make an examination for English if I speak German fluently?
A: You must provide a proof that you master either the English or the
German language. If you speak German fluently, then it is advisable
that you make the examination for German.

Q: I have submitted my application well ahead of the deadline but have still
no answer.
A: The applications are polled. Part of the processing is done after all
applications are there. Submitting early does not mean that you get
a notification earlier than other applicants.

Q: Are there fees for the Master DKE?
A: No.

Q: Foreign students have a different submission deadline than German students.
A: The earlier deadline for foreign students is intended to allow you
time to get your Visum.

Q: I did not manage to submit my application within the deadline, but Is
already have a Visum.
Can I still submit?
A: This is decided in a per case basis.
Please contact the Admissions Office at

For further questions on filling the application forms, please
contact the Admissions Office at



Q & A ON THE CONTENTS OF THE MASTERS DKE----------------------------------------

Q: How long is the Master DKE?
A: The duration of the Master DKE is 4 semesters. The last
semester is devoted to the Master's Thesis.

Q: What courses are contained in the Master DKE?
A: All courses are electives. They are organized as follows:
- "Fundamentals" (36 Credits, 6 courses)
- "Applications" (26 Credits, usually 5 courses)
as well as
- two seminars
- one 1-semester-long project assignment
- two courses from the further electives of the faculty
during the first 3 semesters, before writing your Master's thesis
in the 4th semester.

Q: What topics are covered by the Master DKE?
The electives offered under the label "Fundamentals" cover several
areas associated to DKE, including machine learning, data mining,
intelligent systems, advanced database and warehousing technology,
advanced modeling concepts, advanced issues of communication, but
also fundamental principles of major application areas; this includes
pattern recognition.

The electives offered under the label "Applications" cover a wide
scope of domains where Data and Knowledge Engineering is successfully
applied. They include image processing, document processing,
biotechnology, business applications, Web engineering, knowledge
management and IT security.

Q: Where do I find some examples of courses?
A: You can access the list and contents of DKE courses offered in the
current semester (and in the past semesters) from our Univis system.
From the DKE home page, please click at Univis and then on:
and from there again on
Data & Knowledge Engineering (DKEM)
Currently, those pages are on German only. However, you can come
to the list of courses by clicking at:
"Grundlagen" for "Fundamentals"
"Anwendungen" for "Applications"
By changing the name of the semester (upper right corner), you can see
courses offered at past semesters. The course offerings of two consecutive
semesters provide an overview of the electives for 1st, 2nd and 3rd
DKE semester.
By changing the name of the semester to the coming semester, you can
see the draft list of planed courses. However, keep in mind that this
list changes drastically till approximately one month before the begin
of the semester.

Q: I have already a Master degree and I have attended courses on some
of the Master DKE topics. Is it possible to have them recognized?
A: Recognition of courses up to 30 Credits (corresponds to one semester)
is possible for provably equivalent courses. DKEM students must apply
explicitly and deliver adequate information, so that the Examinations
Office can assess the equivalence of the courses.

For further questions, please contact the M.DKE student
advisor (email address at the main page).

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