Am 31. Januar 2017 fanden folgende Vorträge statt:

Name (Institut) Titel
Maria Hedblom (IKS) "Concept Invention for Artificial Intelligence using Image Schemas in Computational Concept Invention"
Daniel Arend (ITI) "Infrastructure for Research Data Publication in the Frame of High-Throughput Plant Phenotyping"
Kristian Löwe (IKS) "Efficient analysis of high-resolution functional connectomes"
Juliana Alves Pereira (ITI) "A Feature-Based Recommender System for Configuration of Software Product Lines"
Thomas Low (ITI) "Interaction Techniques for Map-based Exploration of Similarity Spaces"

Am 12. September 2017 fanden folgende Vorträge statt:

Name (Institut) Titel
Wolfram Fenske (ITI) "Refactorings and Code Smells for Highly Configurable Software Systems"
Christian Braune (IKS) "Density-based Cluster Validation"
Timo Oster (ISG) "On-the-fly Visualization and Analysis for High-Resolution Combustion Simulations"
Jana Fruth (IKS) "Effective security warning approach for mobile devices regarding potential personal impacts of malware attacks"
Tommy Hielscher (ITI) "Exploiting background knowledge of evolving objects to identify relevant dimensions for classification"

Monique Meuschke (ISG) "Visualization and Interactive Exploration of Risk Criteria for Cardiovascular Diseases"
Patrick Saalfeld (ISG) "3D User Interfaces and Sketching for Interventional Sup- port, Medical Teaching and Patient Education"
Andre Mewes (ISG) "Projector-Based Augmented Reality System for Interventional Visualization Inside MRI Scanners"

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