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Before you start studies

Before you start studies

With nearly 20 professorships, the Faculty of Computer Science is the biggest IT faculty in the state of Saxony-Anhalt. The courses focus on being practical, personal and interdisciplinary.


The faculty gives students optimum organisational prerequisites for their courses. Students are encouraged to work in teams and great store is set by the communication and application of key and method skills. A large number of specialist equipment and student laboratories and the inclusion of a professional work placement in all bachelor's courses emphasise the practical nature of the courses. There is also the option of accessing combined courses and training opportunities.


Close contacts are maintained between the students and teaching staff, and there is also active support during the source via a mentor programme and the Faculty Student Council. Individual student advisors are also available in all courses. An alumni programme ensures relationships are maintained with graduates in the long-term.


All students expand their horizons by studying in other faculties, e.g. in humanities, engineering, economics and medicine. This allows our graduates to tackle professions in a wide range of different industries, e.g. with computer and software companies, in industry, in banking and insurance companies, in administration or in research, development and education.

The official documents and information on the courses you find . (only in german language)

The Faculty Student Council has also put together some very comprehensive information for you. The first semester page contains more information about studying at the FIN and gives you the basics for a successful start to your studies.

Our faculty also has a mentor scheme which puts together students from later semesters to help and advise newer students.

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